Why Christian Marriage Counselling Is Better Than Secular Counselling.

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It is no secret that marriage is not easy and there are many things that happen that make it very difficult. Some of the issues can be dealt with easily by communication and other interventions but some of the issues will need a third party involvement. There is an option of going for a Christian counsellor or a secular one. Although both are geared towards the same thing, to restore the marriage, there are many differences in the approaches to achieve that. Basically, the Christian approach is based purely on the core virtues in the Bible while the secular way may bend towards to the approaches that are based on popular views of mental health and the community at large. Some counsellors have realized that they can borrow a leaf from both the approaches so they use the both of them. What are some of the reasons to choose the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one?  Look at the advantages of choosing the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one.


You re most definitely Christian and you must believe in what the Bible teaches so that is one reason why you should choose Christian counselling. However, this should just be the foundation in your search. When you now know that you are looking for a Christian marriage counsellor, you can now be able to look for one who is focused on getting you solutions using the Bible.


The Christian based values are unequivocal on the way marriages are supposed to be. A marriage counselor is easily able to guide a couple based on this to determine what God’s intent for marriage was meant to be and thus brings in the balance that is required to settle issues between the couple.


Rather than bringing a couple together, most secular marriage counselors employ a style where therapy focuses more on blame. In a bid to activate healing, the focus is usually based on what the other partner did in the past which doesn’t always bring in the best results but open healed wounds. Christian based counselling on the other hand, focuses on removal of blame, helps couples seek forgiveness for those past actions both from God and from oneself. Things that cause chaos in a marriage include, greed, lust, pride and such feelings and the Christian based counselling helps to deal with them thus helping a couple heal and restore their marriage even after serious issue like when a partner has had an emotional affair . To make a marriage stronger and better, this tactic usually holds fast and for long even way after a couple has resumed normal like outside the counselling sessions.


This should sure make you want to go for the Christian marriage counselling over the secular one. To know more about the advantages of marriage counseling, visit http://www.ehow.com/list_7168849_counseling-skills-techniques.html.


Why Christian Marriage Counselling is Better than Secular Counselling

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As we all know, marriage is something that was instituted by God and this is what makes marriages special. We can define marriage as when a man and a woman come together to become one and exchange vows that are meant to bind them eternally no matter the setbacks. When a marriage is done in a church, they pledge to love each other as well as stay faithful to their partners for life. These pledges and vows are what makes a marriage distinct. It can at times become unfortunate when people start staying together and they drift apart thus making the marriage shaky. If such a thing happens, there is need to seek counselling so as to save marriage as well as keep the vows they made to each other. In this article, there will be reasons why Christian marriage counselling is perceived better than secular counselling.


The first reason why Christian marriage counselling is better than secular counselling is mainly because the vows that were exchanged during the ceremony were done before God and were meant to be abiding. Therefore, in case a marriage is falling apart, it is wise for the couple to seek counselling so as to know the problems they are facing thus causing the marriage to fall apart. For those that have had a Christian marriage, it is only death or adultery that can separate them and therefore, for a dying marriage, seeking Christian counselling is better.


Another reason as to why Christian marriage counselling is much better than secular counselling is because Christian counselling can help save a marriage through prayers. This is because the couple together with the counsellor have an option of going before God seeking a way to save marriage. They can do this by deciding to take retreats and be away from interference and have time to pray for the marriage. If for example one of them is having an outside affair, a retreat can work for them when they have a retreat so as to find a way to rekindle the lost flame in the marriage.


One thing to note is that Christian marriage counselling is better than secular counselling because one does not have to pay for the service as compared to secular counselling. This is mainly because secular counselling is actually a business as compared to Christian marriage counselling. Thus, seeking Christian counselling can relieve a burden of paying for the service for the already tainted marriage.


It is thereby recommended that couples who find themselves facing these unfortunate events to seek the services of a Christian counsellor because of the many advantages as compared to secular counselling. This is because that is the only better way to save a dying marriage. For more facts and information about marriage counseling, visit http://www.dictionary.com/browse/counseling.

Learn Why Christian Marriage Counselling is Right for You



Today, a lot of individuals have raised their concerns over the effectiveness of marriage counseling. The plain truth about the matter can be based on a study that majored on individuals who worked hand in hand with professional Christian counselors, and the realization was that they all reaped positive results from the engagement. All the same, counselors usually assess a number of factors before coming up with a conclusion of whether given individuals will benefit from their help or not. For example, they communicate with a couple and inquire whether both individuals are for the idea of seeking counseling services. Know more about restore your marriage here.


While there exist differentiated marriage counselors, a more preferred option is ones who primarily deal with Christian values and principles. Since Christian based marriage counseling is not based on guesswork, approved counselors are trained on a Christian based curriculum that majors on proven practical skills obtained from authoritative Biblical themes. Hence, all couples with poor relationships are able to improve on their understanding skills of each other while keeping in mind God’s wants. In addition, Christian marriage counselors avoid referring to other sources while there is much to learn from the scriptures and commandments.


If there is a situation where only one party shows more interest to save the marriage, Christian marriage counselors usually emphasize on working with him or her as this has proven to be successful in numerous circumstances. Some counselors do not offer quality assistance, but we have the Christian based ones whose form of assistance involves empowering the clients with the knowledge and skills to solve problems by themselves. Finally, it is observed that Christian marriage counselors have a large clientele that sustains its marriage after all the struggles are dealt with.


Since there is no prediction of what a given couple will be going through, counselors are sharp individuals whose skills cuts across all issues they can be presented with. For instance, adultery matters are one of the areas counselors deal with best. Moreover, Christian marriage counseling programs are also well suited for couples who are dealing with problems pertaining raising of their children. We also cannot ignore drugs such as alcohol matters as they are common and have an effect on marriages, and you can trust Christian based counselors on lifting such issues to save your marriage. For further details regarding marriage counseling, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZQ9kTwrvhQs.


There are so many people who would want to seek counseling services but are turned down by sight of fees structures. However, the cost factor is not material when it comes to Christian based marriage services. Therefore, people should always be ready and willing to visit Christian based counseling centers as they are not money oriented. Marriage counselors do not offer their services exclusively to officially wedded couples, so, any relationship involving two individuals qualifies to seek help. Read more about restoring a marriage after an affair here.

Why Christian Marriage Counseling Is Better Than Secular Counseling



People seek Christian marriage help or secular therapy with the same goal of stopping a marriage from disintegrating or getting worse. However, the two approaches differ significantly in several ways, making it important for a Christian to pause for a moment before choosing where to go for help and save marriage.


Below are some of the reasons why Christian marriage counseling is preferred to secular teachings:


When you opt for Christian therapy, such as for assistance restoring a marriage after a counseling for an affair, you’ll experience an extra perspective that secular therapy never provides. The Bible is the basis for Christian therapy, which endeavors to meticulously pinpoint areas of spiritual weakness in an individual who may be contravening scriptural guidelines and rules. The primary goal is to same marriage, which is possible only when the parties involved undertake to follow scripture-based principles as imparted via Christian counseling.


It’s easy for Christian therapists to succeed in this seeing as they have an authority that dictates the formulation of their counseling goals and measurement of the counselee’s manner of living. To them, God’s will is the truth and authority for correcting, reproaching, instructing, and restoring the path of uprightness. Learn more about christian marriage help here.


Such an unquestionable standard is not at a secular counselor’s disposal, who instead choose to harness up-to-date psychological doctrines and cultural customs, which never remain standard at all times and in all locations. As such, secular therapy does not usually provide absolutes that can help judge moral conduct and guide proper behavior.


Consider the case of adultery that’s almost leading to divorce. When you consulting a secular professional to restore your marriage, they’ll probably ask, “Are you pleased with your actions”?, or even “how do you reckon your actions affect your spouse? Of course, even a Christian therapist will need you evaluating those concerns. But how you go about with your marriage involves another party besides you and your partner, and as such, a counselor must also be asking, “do you think God is pleased with your actions?” A counselor who views God as important to keeping your marriage healthy will certainly be what you need here. To read more on the on the merits of marriage counseling, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Counseling_psychology.


While secular marriage teachings don’t usually prioritize prayers, praying is a very powerful recourse. Prayers for marriage restoration are important to any spiritual therapy. You need to take responsibility, but payers will also give you power and discretion from God to help obey His principles and go back to a righteous path, in case that’s what your marriage issues are about. If the other spouse is the issue, prayers can help you demonstrate perseverance as you give your marriage a chance.

Why Christian Marriage Counsellors are Better than Secular Counsellors



It is no longer a hidden fact that many a marriage today are caught up with crises that are unresolvable, at least between the two marriage partners. Some common challenges that today’s marriage institutions face include adultery, disagreements due to mismanagement of mutual funds, external interferences from family members among many others. Whenever lovebirds are faced with any of these challenges, many of them resolve to seek the help of professional counsellors to see if they can restore their marriages.


Notwithstanding the fact that marriage counselors may prove to be of help in many instances, it should be noted that only a few of the counselors can be able to satisfactorily bring healing to a breaking marriage relationship. To see to it that your breaking marriage is restored, we have in place the marriage counselors who are just as qualified as the normal counselors. The advantages of having the Christian advisors help you restore marriage relationship are manifold as we shall discuss.


Firstly, the Christian marriage counselors are in no way inferior to the other counselors since they also undertake a counseling course. However, the Christian counselors have something the normal counselors do not have a divine calling. The divine calling on the lives of these counsellors puts them at an advantage over the normal counsellors. This has, in turn, the benefit of helping them discern correctly the factors leading to the problems in your marriage and are therefore able to help you fully overcome those problems. View marriage help here!


Christian marriage counselors also help marriages through spiritual intervention. Through prayers such as marriage restoration prayers, the counselors make it possible for the partners to continue enjoying their relationship. The power of prayer is undeniably great since it is only through prayer that the power of the Great Deity is introduced to your marriage. If indeed this Deity had the power to speak the world into being, ex nihilo, why should it be considered incredible that He can actually heal a marriage that is on the verge of breaking? For more information about marriage counselors, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/counseling/.


Finally, the marriage counselor who is a Christian is also more concerned in fulfilling their divine duty than anything else. The call to them is the heartbeat that keeps them going and are thus sold to doing all they can to see to it that marital disputes presented to them are resolved. The normal marriage counsellors are however rarely inspired by any calling but have only the desire to discharge their scholarly knowledge and this may prove insufficient in handling some marriage issues. This is, however, never the case with professional Christian marriage counsellors who discharge their duties in strict adherence to the counselling code of conduct as well as the dictates of the Holy Writ. These benefits can only be enjoyed when we learn to take our marriage issues to professional marriage counsellors.